Golden Stay’s Staff: Simone

Let’s meet Simone today, “The receptionist of the “Le Stanze del Duomo” Golden Stay hotel just steps from Brunelleschi’s Dome.

  1.  Hello Simone, introduce yourself to our readers. What is your education, your past experiences and your story inside the Golden Stay group?

Hello everyone. I’m Simon and I work at the reception “The Duomo Rooms”. I have been Working in Golden Stay Group for over a year. Previously I worked at other hotels in the Tuscan capital and as an assistant merchandiser for a well-known clothing store.

I speak English and Spanish.

2. What is the strong point of the business? Can you tell us?

Le Stanze del Duomo is located a few steps from Duomo square, is housed in a historical palace of unparalleled beauty. Its strong point is certainly dislocation, but also furniture and architecture are not joking. I always say that it can compete with multi-stellate of interland Florentine structures. The value for money is certainly another of the strengths of “Le Stanze del Duomo”, along with the courtesy and helpfulness of the staff that here, as in other accommodation Golden Stay, never fails.

3. What is the first question that guests ask you? (Apart from asking the Wifi password, of course)

If we exclude the password of WiFi, I’d say it depends a bit on the client: the Israelis, for example, are very interested in the rooms and want to immediately see them and are always very satisfied.

Other people prefer to know where they can go to dinner, especially to eat a good Florentine steak. Through the concierge we can book the best restaurants to simplify the stay of our guests.

4. The location of the accommodation is often filled with incredible stories. Can you tell us a special one?

Yes, there are some very funny ones indeed! Once while talking to Spanish guests, they asked me what part of Spain I was from. When I explained that I was a born and bred Tuscan , they were flabbergasted! Since that day I have one more certainty: my Spanish is good!

5. What advice would you give the guests of Golden Stay? Must-see …

A tip maybe a little ‘unusual: the Cemetery of San Miniato a Monte. Behind the homonyms cathedral and a few meters above the Piazzale Michelangelo which I love, it is the Cemetery of the city that houses historic illustrious names. From there you can enjoy a special view of Florence, which I recommend.

View from San Miniato

Thank you Simone for dedicating your time to us. See you soon at “Le stanze del Duomo”.

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