Near Florence: Impruneta, what to see

I’ve been in Florence for some days of holiday and i choose to sleep in the apartment Spirito in one of the most beautiful neighborhood of the city: Santo Spirito. The flat is nice, comfortable, not as small as it seemed in the photos and very clean. Furthermore the characteristic area is close to river Arno and the main Florence’s attractions.
The holiday was definitely enjoyable: we have been visiting far and wide the city, dining in traditional restaurants (very tasty the pappa al pomodoro, slurp) and yearn for the shop windows of the more actual cool brands. Although that, what really interested me was to visit Florence surroundings and so, before leaving the Renaissance cradle i visited them.

Spirito Apartment

First destination? Impruneta. Just arrived I had the chance to talk with people walking by there who made me know its history, even if the guide I bought at the kiosk helped me more 😉
Impruneta has really ancient origins, as to have also had as lodgers the Etruscan population, thanks to archaeological testimonies found in its ground. Appreciated by the Roman Empire, this small town had gain relevance during the middle age when became guide of the 72 leagues of the Florentine “contado”. There are a lot of monuments built in the middle age that can be visited nowadays.

As a matter of fact, walking trough the streets of this delightful small city I could cherish the beautiful Basilica, where is preserved the Madonna dell’Impruneta. Thanks to the guide purchased I found out that all the history of the city is related to this Basilica which summoned peregrines from all over the world when it was constructed in the 1060, so that the commercial development was improved. The city began to grow up, covering today a surface of 14.611 in habitants.

Basilica – Photo Credit

I managed to visit also the San Lorenzo alle Rose Church, where I could admire the Annunciation made by Ghirlandaio and the Madonna con Bambino, by Taddeo Gaddi. I wanted also to visit the Museo del Tesoro where are the famous “codici minati rinascimentali” and a low relief depicting the Virgin… If you want to visit the museum in order to know in deep Impruneta story I recommend you to check the timetable, because you could find it closed as it happened to me 🙁

Impruneta:terracotta art and traditional products.
The terracotta art is for the city a real tradition. Walking by the medieval streets of the little town I could observe many artisan atelier, whom modeled terracotta everyday creating small art pieces. It deals with an ancient knowledge passed from one generation to another trough time; inhabitants in fact, praise their art in a particular way, making it a proper culture: that one of “Cotto dell’Impruneta”.
Beyond vases and little terracotta statues, I was attracted by perceivable smells inside the streets of the city. Strong point of gastronomy here is for sure the oil… I took home with me a bottle.

Cotto – Photo Credit

Impruneta: relax and nature
Impruneta is not just history and tradition, it is the best place to permit yourself few hours of calm. If you love to relax, I suggest you to visit hot springs of Florence that will cuddle you in any moment. Unfortunately I haven’t also been there but I know that they were projected by Romans and have been dig from the ground in the 1300s.
Differently from other cities in Toscana, in the small city of Impruneta is possible to feel in contact with the nature, essential element of my vacations.

I love to observe the natural landscape and that’s why I picked last the visit to Monte di Sant’Antonio. It is a not too long and easy to walk path, but overall rich of dense vegetation composed by cypresses, Holm oaks, maples and pines that make the landscape charming and suggestive.
If you are a nature lover you can’t miss this green frame which holds the essence of an enchanted place! I also suggest you to visit Ninfeo di Filomena, where you can lay down on the soft field and enjoy some relaxing moments!

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