Our staff: Alessandra

The staff is the real Golden Stay strong point thanks to the qualification and attention to the needs of our clients. They can simplify the vacation in Florence for those who decide to spend a few days in one of our vacation homes.

Today we are going to meet Alessandra, the receptionist for “My Guest in Florence” and “La Casa di Morfeo” the Golden Stay vacation homes in the historic center of Florence, located respectively in Santa Reparata (Near San Lorenzo) and Via Ghibellina (Santa Croce).

1. Hello Alessandra, introduce yourself to our readers. What is your education, your past experiences and your story inside the Golden Stay group?

Hello My name is Alessandra Seghi, I have worked for over 10 years in hotels and agriturismi, growing fonder of my job in this field. Thanks to the specialized Italian school for tourism I studied the part concerning administration management. Within the Golden Group I manage two vacation homes: “La Casa di Morfeo” and the B&B  “My Guest In Florence” and I also deal with booking and administration.

2. What is the strong point of the vacation homes you take care of? Can you tell us a bit about them?

La Casa di Morfeo is a small boutique hotel with an elegant but familiar air at the same time, ideal for couples or families who wish to feel pampered and cared for during their stay. The district of S. Croce and is still one of the most traditional and less chaotic places of the city.

The My guest in Florence is the latest arrival, the newest … it is a pleasure to see it grow. The building and furnishings of the rooms are really beautiful: the building is antique, rich in detail and breathtaking from every point of view, the door to the stairs up to the magnificent fresco of the breakfast room and goes well with the classic and contemporary furnishings rooms.

3. What is the first question that guests ask you? (Apart from asking for the Wifi password, of course)

Many customers ask about the place itself: how it opened, who it hosted for the first time …they especially want to know the history of the frescoed ceilings. The next question is about the food: where you can eat “real Florentine steak”?

4. The location of the accommodation is often filled with incredible stories. Tell us about a special anecdote.

Well, when two customers were checking in as I explained to them the city of Florence on the map indicating the various monuments, they asked me where the tower of Pisa was! When I explained that Pisa is not located in Florence, but it’s another city, they were amazed! At the end you think about it we are in a country rich in monuments and at close range it would be possible to imagine Italy as a single large city.

5. What advice would you give to the guests of Golden Stay? What are the Must-see …

I will be trivial, but the Old Bridge at sunset has a unique charm.

Thank you Alessandra for dedicating your time to us. See you soon at “My Guest in Florence” and “La Casa di Morfeo”.

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