Our Staff: Raffaella

The real strength of Golden Stay is the Staff, which, through qualified members that are attentive to the needs of the guest, can simplify the holiday of those who decide to spend a few days in Florence staying at one of our facilities.

Today, you’ll know Raffaella, receptionist of “La Residenza dell’Orafo”, the Golden Stay structure, around the corner from Santa Maria Novella Station.

Hi Raffaella, introduce yourself to our reader. What is your training, your past experiences, and your story within the Golden Stay group?
Hi, I’m Raffaella and I work with the Golden Stay group since 2010. Previously I had a 22 year experience at an important Florentine hotel as a receptionist. For Golden Stay I deal with “La Residenza dell’Orafo” both in the reception and in the management of simplified administration.

What is the strong point of the structure? Let’s talk a little bit about it
The Residenza dell’Orafo is very close to Santa Maria Novella Station and this is already a strong point. It’s a well-groomed facility loved by people that look for an informal environment where they can feel as a friend instead of a guest. I always say that here hospitality is homely, in the noblest sense of the term.
The proximity not only to the station, but also to the San Lorenzo Market, the Da Basso Fort and the Congress Palace, make this location a strategic starting point for those who come to town for pleasure but also for business reasons.

What is the first question asked by your guests? (Except asking Wifi password, of course)
Recently we accommodate many guests from Korea, China and Japan. This slice of audience immediately asks: “Where is The Mall?” (major international signatures outlet n.d.r.) and we’re ready to brig them all the information they need. However, who comes to town for short stays asks for the best itinerary to see Florence in 1 day: we organize walking tours through the map that we provide them, to let them see as much as possible of our wonderful Florence.

Tourist accommodation is often an incredible anecdote location. Can you tell us a special story?
In so many years of work I have so many stories to tell, but I must say that I’m always pleasantly satisfied whenever guests come back from abroad. Recently, a Brazilian couple spent part of her honeymoon in Italy at “La Residenza dell’Orafo”. They had been our guests some time before, on their first vacation together and, romantically, they decided to stay with us again for their Honeymoon. We greeted them with a bottle of Champagne and they left us a nice review in which they thank and greet me and all the staff. I’m always very pleased to receive validations of the work I do.

What advice would you give to Golden Stay guests? They must see…
There’s a little known place in Florence that I find wonderful: the Laurentian Library in San Lorenzo Square. A place that belches history, whose architecture was partly made by Michelangelo Buonarroti and contains over 11,000 manuscripts. A place to look for those who love the unusual Florence.

Thank you for your time, Raffaella. See you at “La Residenza dell’Orafo“.

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