Pazzi Chapel: a jewel in Santa Croce

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The Pazzi Chapel is a wonderful example of Renaissance architecture located in Florence, in the first cloister of the Santa Croce Church. Subject of a troubled history which lasted for forty years, the Pazzi Chapel was commissioned by Andrea De’ Pazzi to be carried out by Brunelleschi in 1429 and it has never been completed.

Pazzi Chapel: Brunelleschi’s masterpiece

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Even though the Chapel construction continued for a long time after his death, Filippo Brunelleschi, more than any other, left his mark on this piece, working on harmonious proportions deriving from the Ancient World, principally Greek, with specific references and inspirations.

Used as a chapter house, meaning a meeting place, by the Santa Croce friars, the Pazzi Chapel has a rectangular plan, composed by a square with the umbrella-shaped cupola and flanked by two wings with barrel vaults.

Why is it worth visiting?

The artistic contributions. Beyond Brunelleschi, many other leading artists worked on the Cupola building. For example, Giuliano da Maiano was the author of the cornice and the portal shutters, and Luca della Robbia who created the relief with Sant’Andrea seated on the throne and terracotta tondos with the Apostles window.

The simple grace of the proportions. The connection between the edifice volumes are balanced completely, the sense of equilibrium and harmony is the first striking sensation you can feel as soon as you enter inside the sacral space of Pazzi Chapel.

The anterior portico. This refers to the classical architecture, to the Roman triumphal arch, with the six Corinthian serene stone columns.

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The tapered vault. A representation of the sky adorns the cupola upon the altar, with the constellations that were seen over Florence on the 4th July 1442. Why precisely that date? It marks Renato d’Angiò’s arrival, seen as the right warlord for a new Crusade.

The Pazzi Chapel timetable

The Pazzi Chapel has the same timetable as Santa Croce’s complex:

• From Monday to Saturday : From 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

• On Sunday and during the edict holiday from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

• The ticket office closes at 5:00 pm, Complex closes at 5:30 pm.

On the Santa Croce website you can buy tickets directly online. To reach the Pazzi Chapel you can use the electric buses ATAF C1, C2, C3 both by daily or nightly; otherwise book a taxi at the following numbers: 0554242, 0554798, 0554390.

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