Pitti Palace in Florence

pitti's palace what to see in florence

Pitti Palace (Palazzo Pitti), sited in the center of Florence, a few walks from Ponte Vecchio, is undoubtedly one of the great architectonic examples that we can admire visiting the famous Vasariano hallway from Palazzo Vecchio arrives to Palazzo Pitti through Ponte Vecchio. The Sumptuous edifice, built in the XV century because of the will of the namesake family, it is become today an important museum center.

Pitti Palace in Florence: between past and present

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The palace, commissioned by Luca Pitti and progected by Brunelleschi, was realized by a pupil of the last one, Luca Fancelli. Conceived to be a building more splendid that the one of the enemy Medici family, that was then sold proper a this family because of financial problems.

Today, Palazzo Pitti houses some of the most important Florentine museums:

Galleria Palatina: sited at the first floor of the palace, the gallery houses a big collection of paintings of XVI and XVII century and the Real Apartment with unforgettable furniture of XIX century.

Museo degli Argenti: it is part of the ground floor and part of the first floor, the silvers museum gathers a great collection of precious objects that belonged to the potent family of Medici.

Galleria d’Arte Moderna: the last floor is appropriated to the collection of paintings of the most famous Tuscan painters of the XIX and XX century.

In the Palazzina del Cavaliere, a small building which is separated from Palazzo Pitti, there is the Museum of Chinaware with collections belonged to real families succeeded in the centuries, from Medici to Lorena and Savoia too.
The luxury apartment building houses the Gallery of custum in which we can find important handmades such as custums and historical wears from the first years of XVII century to the first years of XX century.

The Boboli Garden will remain forever in front of your eyes, the fabulous park of the Palace. It is about 45000 yardsticks of superfix, that are from Palazzo Pitti to Forte Belvedere, an authentic Italian garden, enriched with wide streets, majestic fountains, a splendid lemon conservatory and many secular plants. A walk that deserves certainly to be done.

View of Florence from Boboli’s Garden Photo Credit

Visiting Palazzo Pitti: opening, prices and timetable

Place: Pitti Palace – Pitti Square – 50125 Firenze

Museums: Palatin Gallery, Real Apartments and the Modern Art Gallery

  • Prices: Full price € 8,50, reduced price € 4,25
  • Opening: from Tuesday to Sunday
  • Timetable: from 8.15 am – 6.50 pm
  • Closing: All Mondays- New Year’s Day – 1 st of May – Christmas Day

Museums: Museum of Silvers, Museum of porcelains, Boboli Garden, Gallery of Customs, Bardini’s Garden

  • Prices: intero € 7,00, ridotto € 3,50
  • Opening: from Monday to Sunday
  • Timetable:
  • 8.15 am – 4.30 pm during these months: November, December, January and February
    8.15 am – 17.30 pm during March in summer time 6.30 pm
    8.15 am – 6.30 pm during the months of April, May, September and October
    8.15 am – 5.30 pm during the month of October connecting to the passage from Summer time to Winter time
    8.15 am – 6.50 pm during the months: June, July and August
  • Closing: from the first to the last Monday of the month- New Year’s Day – 1 st of May – Christmas Day

Who houses in our structures close to Palazzo Pitti, can ask us for reserve a ticket to the reception.

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