Show craft Florence: Mostra dell’Artigianato

If you are passionate about crafts, you must not miss the International Crafts Fair in Florence. Born about 81 years ago with the aim of promoting local and world crafts, the fair manages to both engage and excite. In each edition, there are a lot of novelties, special guests, stands with unique crafts and much more. Starting in 1931, the Craft Fair displays the big (and small) masterpieces of this field to all its fans, presenting the Made in Italy in a fresh and natural way. It is a world that collects exclusive pieces and so it can be fascinating. The contemporary luxury of artistic pearls represents the face of the show and its beauty.

The Fair, the first certified in Italy, gives a large space to the great masters and their helpers. We also think the location, which adds some typically sixteenth century notes to the whole fair, in order to form a very special atmosphere. New Italian and international trends throughout history have been able to contribute numerous novelties year by year, without ever stopping to impress. The craftsmanship, as the organizers believe, is bound to create unique items that will last over time, but also to unite people and cultures.

Walking through the streets of Fortezza da Basso you can discover the secrets of the historical Florentine workshops, known throughout history for their quality and craftsmanship. And today this fortress is more than just a location, it is a bridge connecting the Italian regions and countries of the world into one big art. An Art that combines stories and crafts, but where you can also feel at home in each workshop.

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Renowned professionals in the craft sector and talented young people meet in the International Exhibition of Crafts, creating an event which is as unique as it is particular. An event you must not miss if you want to see how the classic joins the modern, with real gems of Italian and international art, resulting in professionally finished products. Traditional craftsmanship meets innovative trends here, and both currents are able to evolve. Not only will you find food products and craft innovation, but you will also see them work live and you can even view digital craftsmanship. On over more than 55,000 square meters of space, everyone will be able to find what he/she likes best. More than 800 exhibitors from over 50 countries will exhibit their crafts along the perimeter of the fair and you can admire them all.

You can visit the International Crafts Exhibition in Florence at Fortezza da Basso, located near the historic center of Florence. The fair will be open daily from 10.00 am to 10.30 pm from April 22 until May 1, 2017. Only the last day of the fair you need to rush to visit because the closing time will be 8.00 pm.

You can purchase your ticket at the entrance in the Fortezza da Basso, or from our concierge. The full ticket, which allows you to visit the International Craft Fair in Florence during the holidays and holiday eves costs 6 Euros, whereas on weekdays is 4 Euros and offers the possibility to have 2 entrances. For couples, there is a double ticket which costs 6 Euros and is valid for two people on weekdays. The “reduced ticket” is reserved exclusively for the partner companies and associations with the International Crafts Fair in Florence. Admission is completely free for children up to 12 years, for groups of special needs assistants of people with disabilities. If you wish, you can also enter with dogs, but it is necessary that they be equipped with a leash and a muzzle.

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