Vinci, Tuscany: the history of Leonardo is covered by his castum

vinci near florence

The city that gave birth to Leonardo, Vinci in Tuscany, is the roman castrum that we suggest you to visit. It is sited just 30 km from Florence, in the Inferior Valdarno, on the Montalbano’s slopes, close to the other magic Tuscan places as Siena, Lucca and Pisa.

The landscape in front of you is hill one, with stretches of vineyards, olive trees and woods of chestnut trees: a nature very spectacular and it is possible to enjoy it because of numerous walks and bike lanes that let you visit the many archeological sites through the green.

Vinci and the Leonardo’s history

Vinci, a road. Photo Credit

Leonardo Da Vinci was the symbol of Renaissance. His polyhedral genius showed itself in various settings: as painter, inventor, scientist, sculptor, architect and engineer. The origins of Leonardo have signed profoundly the history of the city, in all of its points of interest, and they are tied to the greatest character of all the time.

  • Leonardo’s Museum: the exposition was burn 80 years ago in the Conti Guidi’s Castle. It includes many different models of the cars, which are inspired to Leonardo. The Usielli building, new museum, it hosts a Documentary Center about Leonardo and his period.
  • Ideal Museum of Leonardo Da Vinci: in the 1993 in Vinci the first ideal museum of the world was inaugurated. It was created to celebrate the genius of Leonardo and his art, the museum has more than 400 operas and things: paintings, artifacts, deep cuts, and models of cars, over then contemporary operas which are inspired to the Renaissance character.
  • The Birth house of Leonardo: in Anchiano, inside there are espoused many reproductions of Leonardo’s paintings.
  • Guidi’s Square: rebuilt in 2006 with an installation of contemporary art that create a suggestive illumination with led and fiber optics.
Leonardo’s House. Photo Credit

Vinci: how to reach it

Vinci is about 30 km far from Florence. By car you have to travel the highway A1 and come out at the Scandicci Florence, or take the A12 with exit Pisa Center and go on to the motorway Firenze/Pisa/Livorno, leaving at Empoli Center and go on following the signage.
If you prefer going by train it is necessary to use the train line Florence/Pisa/Livorno and from the station in Empoli you have to take the bus to Vinci. The timetable of trains and buses is online at addresses e using our service of concierge we can organize for you some guided tours with the best local tour operators.

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